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location_onTokyo, Japan
Soba (Buck Wheat Noodles) Making Experience(1.5h)
Food, Drink & Nightlife
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Tokyo, Japan
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access_timeDuration 1hour(s) 30min(s)

Welcome to an authentic soba-making journey! Soba, a beloved Japanese noodle made from buckwheat, is a traditional dish with a rich history spanning over centuries. In this exclusive experience, you have the unique opportunity to learn the art of making soba noodles. The soba you make can also be enjoyed as a lunch meal.


Tokyo Soba Making Experience

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The Highlight

Supervised by Sarashina Horii: Guided by Sarashina Horii, a soba house with over two centuries of history.

Soba Making Journey: Every step of making process, from mixing and kneading buckwheat dough to cooking your noodles.

Taste Your Own Creation: Discover the flavor of noodles that you've personally crafted.

No Equipment Needed: All the necessary materials and guidance provided.

Vegan Options: Our soba making experience offers vegan option.

The Experience

What is Soba? Soba is a traditional Japanese noodle made primarily from buckwheat flour.The art of making soba is highly regarded in Japan, with chefs often training for years to perfect their craft.

Supervisor "Sarashina Horii" Sarashina Horii is a renowned soba (buckwheat noodle) house in Japan with a storied history that dates back to 1789. In this experience, artisans from Sarashina Horii will actually teach you how to make soba. https://www.sarashina-horii.com/en/

Time schedule: 11:30-13:00

  1. Introduction and Overview (10 minutes) Welcome and a brief introduction to the history and significance of soba in Japanese culture.
  1. Demonstration by the Master Craftsman (10 minutes) A quick demonstration by a Sarashina Horii master craftsman, showing the key steps in soba making.
  1. Soba Making Experience (30 minutes) ・Mixing Buckwheat Flour Participants mix buckwheat flour and water to create the soba dough, guided by the master. ・Rolling Out the Soba Learners roll out the dough into thin sheets, understanding the correct thickness and consistency. ・Cutting the Soba Instruction on cutting the rolled-out dough into fine, even noodles. ・Cooking the Soba Boiling the soba noodles and preparing them for tasting.
  1. Tasting and Feedback (40 minutes) Participants taste their own soba, with guidance on flavor assessment and garnishing options.

What's inclueded ・Ingredients, cooking utensils, tools, and aprons provided for making soba noodles ・A booklet of recipes and factsheets

What's not inclueded ・Round-trip transportation cost

Guide Services

Languages Spoken by Guides

  • English

Language in Printed Materials (Booklet)

  • English


  • Meeting Point: You will find a wine bar named 'Pon de Guard' on the first floor. If you go up to the 6th floor of that building and then ascend the stairs, you will arrive at the meeting location.
  • Start Making Soba with professionals
    Start Making Soba with professionals

Price Details

Experience fees
English guide
Round-trip transportation

Add-on Items

Vegan Option - ¥ 15,000
We will provide 100% buckwheat flour suitable for vegans

How to Use

  • We will confirm your participation on-site using your first and last name.

Purchase Notice

  • If you want to change your participation date, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • In the event of a late arrival without prior notification, the activity may be subject to cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

Number of days prior to departure / Cancellation fee
  • Cancellation made at least 15 day(s) before departure date, Fully refundable (100% refund)
  • Cancel during 0 ~ 14 day(s) of departure, Non-refundable (0% refund)


Destination Info

Rinospe Kitchen Ginza Ichome
7th Floor, TRUST VALUE, 1-27-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Soba (Buck Wheat Noodles) Making Experience(1.5h)